It’s the first shopping website that applies artificial intelligence not just in search and recommendation, but also in the designing process itself. That’s why there are so many colors for every design, and so many designs for the same color, and so many products for the same design and color. The AI optimizes your choice for the design, product, color and even your emotions.

You will find around 30-35 colors for the same design (clothes have 9-11). Just scroll down on the product page!! Liked the color of a certain product? You will find 35 different designs for the same color. Just scroll down on the product page!! Liked the color and the design of a certain product? You will find 13-17 different products with the same color and design. Just scroll down on the product page!!

Inspired by Adam and Eve being the first two humans, we called our AI R-Adam (Robot Adam) and R-Eve (Robot Eve) since it’s the first AI that connects feelings with colors, designs, and user search, and even the website theme. We have two versions of these robots so feel free to choose what you want to assist you!!

If there is a manufacture defect, just take a photo and email it to support@art2ficial.com within 30 days. If there is a mistake, you will get 100% refunded. Feel free to reach out to us, and we will be happy to help.

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